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What makes The Women of Boston Directory Different?​

We offer:


Target Marketing

Most of our readers are active women who depend on us to provide the with products and services to enhance their lifestyles. We bring those customers to you


Effective, Targeted Distribution

TWOB Directory is placed in places where women are likely to be.


Convenient Size

The size of TWOB Directory makes it easy to use and easy to keep so your ad will always be working for you.


Affordable Advertising

An ad in TWOB Directory is likely to cost you less than other traditional, expensive advertising avenues. TWOB Directory is always FREE, so its picked up on purpose!!!





We reach active consumers each month by strategic placement of TWOB Directory in select locations. Our goal is to have 100% picked up and used. We carefully monitor distribution and alter as needed to reach this goal.


  • *Medical Offices

  • *Beauty Salons

  • *Cafes

  • *Gift Shops

  • *Book Stores

  • *Coffee Shops

  • *Dry Cleaners

  • *Bank Lobby

  • *Specialty Grocery Shops

  • *All of our Advertisers

  • ***And More……

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions about membership pricing.

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